All wounded animals are paid in full.  No refunds or discounts on a wounded animal.  Our hunters must be comfortable before taking the shot.  If you hit an animal it is seen as taken.  Reason for all this is that we discovered that even with not a vital shot now with our weather the flies lay eggs in the wounds and the animal get infection and will get weak till it dies.  We had cases were it take 3 months but still it is fatal.

Gratuity is just a guideline.  Most clients give $150 per hunter to the entire staff.  Your Outfitter will divide this to the tracker, skinner, cleaner and chef. As for your Pro hunter, it is to your own discretion.  10% of your total on your invoice is most commonly the amount that clients go for on their package.

In South Africa our government tax is payable only on your daily rates. Not on your invoice total. The animals will get exported so therefore there is no tax on it. Tax rate is calculated at 14% on your daily fees.
Example: $350 x 14% ($49) = $399

The entire lodge including all rooms and surrounding areas are fully equipped for the use of Wi-Fi.  This is a complimentary to all our quests

Your Laundry will be done daily.  3 sets of clothing is more than sufficient.