Hunting by rifle is the most popular form of hunting but with it comes a little bit of work and administration to stay out of trouble with authorities and keeping you safe.  While you are planning your hunt, make sure that you have the right rifle for the animal you are hunting and the distance you believe you are capable of hunting at.  Caliber therefor is very important.

Rifle Caliber & Ammunition

Overall shooting distances will vary from 50 – 250 yards.  Everything depending on capability of our client.

As for Calibre every hunter will have his own opinion on what calibre is good for what animal.  As a Pro hunter for almost 20 years and hunted with 100’s of clients and trophies I discovered that 30 calibre is the best way to go.  To bring down the speed with heavier bullets is important.  We don’t shoot long distances except if we hunt down south. For a 30-06 a 180gr bullet is better than a 150gr.  On a 300-win mag, a 200gr is better than a 180gr.  All this said every hunter knows that it is all about shot placement and not the calibre.  I have had several clients shooting with 7mm and 270 that had excellent hunts.  Rather shoot a rifle that you can handle and know well than to shoot with a new rifle that is “big” but you can’t handle it.  I believe all hunters will agree with me.

Every client that decide that they want to use their own rifle on the safari must obtain a US 4457 Custom Form before leaving the USA.  Please note that you must have this form to exit and enter your country again.  Make sure that you get this document beforehand.

Please note that NO automatic rifle will be allowed in South Africa

NO 2 rifles from the same calibre can enter South Africa by the same hunter

With the import of your firearm please note that you can fill in your SAP520 but do NOT sign the document.

90% of our clients prefer to hire rifles from Wild Game Safaris and not go through the hassle.

Keep in mind that if you fly via Europe with your rifle we always have complains that the rifles get damaged and sometime never arrive on time.