Payment Methods

We require a deposit of $1,000.00US to secure your safari booking. This can be paid manually by credit card through your outfitter by filling in the document that will be sent to you from our office. You are also more than welcome to pay the deposit into our USA account by sending a cheque to the Vendor as described below under Cheque Payments, or by transferring to our South African account.
There are two ways to pay for your safari with Wild Game Safaris.
1. US$ cash
2. We also accept credit cards but please take note: we only accept VISA and Mastercard. No American Express is accepted.
3. Make sure you inform your bank that you will be paying with your credit card in South Africa. Your card will not work if they do not authorize it in the US.

Cheque Payments

All cheque payments can be posted to:

Vendor – Charles R. Mikals,

Vendor Address

2966 Trask Parkway

Beaufort, S.C

29906 – 8040

South African Banking Details


First National Bank


Wild Game Safaris

Swift Code


Account Number


Branch Code


American Banking Details

Account Number

2230 2258 7443

Wire Routing Number

026 00 9593

Personal Routing Number


Vendor Address

2966 Trask Parkway
Beaufort, S.C.