Our bow hunting is mostly done in August, September and October. In this time frame we give our bow hunter an almost 100% success rate on his hunt. This is the drier time of our hunting season. All our bow hunts are done out of fixed blinds overlooking waterholes.

Bow Hunting Compound Sets

We welcome Compound, crossbow, recurve and long bows.

Shooting Distance: Bow hunters can expect to shoot as close as 7 yards up to a max of 30 yards towards your ultimate trophy

Minimum Pounds on a compound bow:
Important info that all foreign clients must know is that our animals over here vitals are between the shoulder blades and not behind. It will be for the best to have a bow that can penetrate the shoulder blade. We suggest that you don’t go under 62 pounds with an arrow weight no less then 400g in total.

Broad heads:
The choice differs from hunter to hunter. As Pro hunters, we suggest a fixed broad head. For example, a Montec G5 or similar. Please refer to your outfitter. The reason for this is that mechanicals break up when they hit bone. We have had several hunters go back home without their ultimate trophy because of using a mechanical.

For hunting dangerous game with the bow please contact Ryno Smit your Outfitter for more info on bow pounds and arrow weight and broad heads.

Have a look at these fantastic trophies that have been hunted in our bow concessions.  These feature very well-placed hides offering a great view for accurate and exciting bow hunts.

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