All wounded animals are paid in full. There are no refunds or discounts on a wounded animal. Our hunters must be comfortable before taking the shot, and if an animal is hit it is regarded as taken. The reason for this is that invariably a wounded animal becomes infected (e.g. through flies laying eggs in the wounds) and weakens until it dies. We’ve had cases where it took up to 3 months but the result is still fatal.

These are just a guideline:  Most clients give $200 per hunter for the staff. Your Outfitter will divide this amongst the skinner, cleaners and chef. The tracker is usually given $100. As for your Pro hunter, this is at your own discretion.  10% of your total invoice is most commonly the amount that clients would consider.

In South Africa our government tax is payable only on the daily rates, not on the total invoice. The animals will be exported therefore they are not taxed.

Tax rate is calculated at 15% on your daily fees.
Example: $350 + 15% ($52.50) = $402.50

WGS uses the services of Custom Travel, a travel company based in Wisconsin. They will help you set up your entire trip. Please contact Debbie from Custom Travel

Contact number: +1 414 433 0089 / +1 800 728 5301

The entire lodge including all rooms and surrounding areas has full complimentary wi-fi access for all our guests.

Laundry is done daily.  Three sets of clothing will be sufficient.

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